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Position Overview:

In this role, you will provide essential support to our design team. This role involves assisting our creative director with various tasks to ensure the successful execution of digital projects and campaigns.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Content Uploading: Upload and manage content on digital platforms, such as websites, content management systems, and social media channels. Ensure consistency in design and branding.

  • Creative Input: Offer creative input and ideas during brainstorming sessions and design discussions. Provide fresh perspectives and contribute to the ideation process.

  • Communication: Facilitate communication between the design team and other departments, stakeholders, or clients. Relay feedback, changes, and updates effectively. -

  • Research: Research to gather inspiration, references, and relevant information for design projects. Stay updated on design trends and industry best practices.

  • File Preparation: Prepare and optimize files for digital platforms, ensuring correct formats, dimensions, and resolutions for various channels, including websites, social media, and email marketing.

A Digital Design Team Assistant is crucial in supporting the creative and technical aspects of digital design projects. This role requires organizational, technical, and creative skills to ensure that the design team operates efficiently and delivers high-quality digital materials that align with the organization's branding and objectives.

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