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Preparing to sit for your CBAP or PMI-PBA exam?

Studying to take the CCBA, CBAP or PMI-PBA could be very demanding especially when you are combining studies with work. Here are a few tips for you to maintain a steady study schedule and ultimately complete your exam with a smile on your face.

Preparing for CBAP or PMI-PBA exam
Set a target exam date and work towards it

Set a target date for yourself. Go ahead to book your exam date 2 to 4 months from the date your application is approved. This will help you focus and avoid procrastination.

Create a consistent study schedule. This will enable you have a consistent and steady intake of information. Practice as many sample questions as possible and take full mock examinations at least twice. Ensure your practice test score is consistently at a minimum of 75% before setting off to write your exam.

Read the relevant practice standard (BABOK, Business Analysis for Practitioners) cover to cover at least twice. Do not cram or memorize study materials; trust me, it doesn't help. Understand the core concepts of the knowledge areas, tasks or processes.

If you are taking your exam at a prometric test center, go to your exam center at least once before the exam day so you are conversant with the route, location and environment of the exam center. Go around the same time you have set your exam so you can familiarize yourself with the traffic conditions. Don't be late to the exam center on the day of your exam.

If you are writing your exam from your home, get everything setup at least 30 minutes before you are scheduled to write your test. Check that all facilities (e.g. mouse, webcam, keyboard, speakers, calculator e.t.c) are functioning appropriately.

Eat a healthy but light meal before commencing with the exam (I recommend fruits and/or vegetables). Be optimistic while sitting for your exam. Do not go back to change your answers to previously answered questions. You are most probably changing them from correct to wrong answers.

Good luck and all the best as you study to sit for your CCBA, CBAP or PMI-PBA exam.

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