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The Corporate Ladder Is Not Yours

It is often said that we are replaceable at work. While this is true, this doesn't give room for nonchalance or laziness in the workplace. You should give your best but do it within the constraint of your limits. It is okay to stretch yourself. Afterall, there is no growth without stretching (be it in the physical sense or logical expressive sense) but don't stretch yourself beyond your elasticity limit else you run the risk of breaking.

You have that job or position because of your skillset and nothing more. Your skillset is the value you bring to the table. The moment your skillset is lost (regardless of how it's lost), your value is lost and you will no longer have a sit at the table.

Like one of my mentors, Wesley Ogude said to me, "the corporate ladder is not yours". You can fall off the ladder at anytime and just like the physical reality of climbing a ladder, the higher you are on the ladder, the more devastating the consequences of the fall. Stop and think about yourself and the purpose of your life on your way up. Reflect on how you treat others and the impact you leave on their lives. Be kind to others, Invest in yourself and build self sustainable income. Spend time with your loved ones and take great take care of your health. Always do what is in your best interest within ethical boundaries. Learn new skills, educate yourself and stay psychologically resilient. Always remember, you are replaceable at work.

This inspirational article was written by Tolulope Samuel

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